Balloon Slam till March 1, 2016

Here are the rules....

1 Post anything (balloons) that you think is about "I love Bling Bling Jam/Valentine's with Bling Bling on it!

2 You Must like and

3 You may enter as many times as you would like, but not the same picture

4 The Balloon can be twisted or decoration-as long as there is twisting as part of it with Bling!

5 There will be picked Judges that will choose the winners of the PDF's and Most Likes will win 1 Months of Free Webinars from March 1, 2016

6 Anyone who asks others to unlike-another persons (in the contest) to like theirs will be automatically disqualified

7 No dirty balloons 

8 No Bullying on anyones entry

9 Winners will win  Eric Weinsteins new  PDF's that are judges and most likes will win 1 month of webinars (Not transferable and there will be a deadline when to use it)

10 When you post your picture, you must post that it is for the "I love Bling Bling Jam-Balloon Slam in Balloon Art Org and Tag me Steve Kpromo -Otherwise how will we know? (And it will not count) 

11 Balloon May not be posted if it is a back way of selling something or promoting another site/event /other webinars/ or anything else that is a conflict that is not approved by Balloon Art Org

11 As always there will be another twist added!! What's that? Im glad u asked! Watch this page for updates, could be more prizes! Stay Tuned. Have fun ! 

       Contest for the PDF's and webinar ends March 1, 2016 Winnings are not transferable! Let's see what else will BLING IT on!!!! Going to be fun!!! -thanks Steve