$20 for 2 webinars on Sunday nights

 Instructors subject to change

 We are also taping the  webinars, only for the purpose for folks to look back and see what they missed. Due to the nature that they are in real time, they are not like a DVD. The Hope is that the cost will be around $25 per month, that will include the 2 live webinars, other special webainrs (every few months) and some special other surprises. Others can still register for 2 webinars on the Sunday nights for $20, they will not have access to the taped.  Than the last option will be one webinar for $15. With that said , there will also be specialty webinars at different rates. The folks that pay $25 a month will get the specialty Balloon webinars included! Hope that all makes sense of what the plans are! I appreciate everyone being patient, this does take some time. 

Everyone agrees to the following that attends and teaches on the webinars...

If for some reason the webinar shuts down, do not panic. Refresh and resume.  The program is not skype. so make sure that you only have the webinar window open. It does use the most bandwidth!. Also have all your updates on your computer, along with a good connnection. Issues are usually on attendee's end. Crome is the most suggested browser to use. You will not be allowed to sign in, until the moderator has. Usually, happens around 8:30-8:45 Pm when we are hosting the PM webinars! Please do not send out the links to non-registrants or they will be booted. Please use professional language in the webinars and no pictures. Please do not take any pictures during the webinar or anyone or tape them. They are being taped, for a subscription in the future that includes the 2 live webinars. The only purpose of the taping is for people to look back at what they missed. The system is not free, 2 systems-for back up, websites, emails templates, time and more! With that said, teachers do get paid and agree in credits for two free months of webinars. They also recieve oppotunities to sell DVDS/Pdfs and more. Future opportunities, will be kept for thoes that keep their agreements with Steve Klein. Everyone agrees to imdentify and hold Steve Klein/Your Party School, The Balloon University, Balloon Art Org, Balloon Webinars, harmless of any loss/miss-understanding/injury  of what the use or purpose is of the webinars and this site. Steve may use the taped webinars in any way when folks agree to teach. (Including Financial) No step by step pictures of anything learned. Please do not post pictures of what you learned on facebook, right after the webinars. Otherwise there will be no need to host them anymore. We want to respect the instructors and each other. No advertising or promoting events/products etc. Unless you are a partner of this page and have asked. Please use your real first and last name in the chat room. It is your responsibility to check and make sure you have recieved your email links, no later than 8 PM or an hour before the webinars begin. You may always contact Steve at 617-875-7640 or mrballoonwizard@gmail.com  Due to the webinars being live, the instructors may be replaced last minute. Folks get sick, have computer issues, etc. Agreeing to all this only keep the cost down and the best place to learn for the cost. Everyone knows that learning one good creation and being able to chat live with each other is way worth the investment. Let's have fun and keep inspiring each other!-thanks Steve 

PayPal to with your first and last name http://tinyurl.com/c6af4go  additional donations are always welcome and appreciated! Than email me at mrballoonwizard@gmail.com with the same name you used on paypal.

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